Two Bowls of Cinnamon Keto NOatmeal with BioTRUST Ageless Multi-CollagenBowl of Cinnamon Keto NOatmeal

Cinnamon Keto NOatmeal (aka Keto Oatmeal)

Serves 2
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
5 min



  1. Combine all ingredients on the stove over medium heat.
  2. Bring to a boil, stirring frequently.
  3. Remove from heat, add cinnamon.
  4. Enjoy!
Bowl of Cinnamon Keto NOatmeal


By now you've certainly heard of collagen, right?

The older you are, in fact, the more likely it's caught your attention, and for good reason... Many health experts now agree that consuming collagen is as crucial as it gets to renew and revitalize how you look and feel.

After all, collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and is essentially the "glue" that holds you together.

Healthy, Firm, Young-Looking Skin All Over

Silky, Luscious Hair

Strong, Durable Fingernails

Healthy, Mobile Joints

Strong Bones

Athletic Performance & Recovery

Firm, Toned Muscles

Healthy Gut

The Only Collagen You Will Ever Need

BioTRUST Ageless Multi-Collagen is a Complete 5 Collagen Protein
TYPE I — The most abundant type in the body, essential for healthy skin, tendons, organs, bones and digestion.
TYPE II — Almost exclusively for cartilage promoting healthy, flexible joints.
TYPE III — Helps give skin elasticity and firmness and also forms blood vessels and heart tissue.
TYPES V & X - Sourced from unique and patented eggshell membrane to promote healthy, youthful-looking hair and support bone health.
TRYPTOPHAN — An essential amino acid that your body can’t make on its own helps you build lean muscle, for a firmer, more toned body.

Real People, Real Results

Over 2 Million Bags Sold

Beware of Other Collagen Powders and Bone Broths

Clumping – Their powder isn’t hydrolyzed and broken down for easy digestion and mixability in hot or cold liquids.
Incomplete Proteins - Missing a key amino acid needed to build a toned body and support your metabolism.

Nasty Taste and Smell – Making whatever you mix it into taste terrible.
Artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and fake sweeteners – Hurt your health.

Easy to Make. No Clumps. Mixes Hot or Cool!

You'll certainly love how Ageless Multi-Collagen helps your skin, hair, nails, joints, and all the rest. Here are some other reasons you are going to love Ageless Multi-Collagen:

  • It’s a breeze to make.
  • Dissolves easily in both hot and cool liquids
  • Unflavored Ageless Multi-Collagen is truly odorless and tasteless
  • Simply mixes to your favorite beverage of choice - like a protein shake, smoothie, coffee or tea.
It’s also now available in delicious new flavors.

Best of All, It’s From BioTRUST

BioTRUST is America's premium online nutrition brand, known for having shipped over 15 million premium, honest, and science-backed nutrition products to their loyal customers around the world. BioTRUST was started with a mission to create authentic, honest, nutrition products and always put quality and service first. Towards that end…

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  • Ensures the quality of all products is verified by a certificate of analysis.
  • Works only with top-tier manufacturers that strictly follow Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP).
  • Provides customers with world-class customer service and a 5-star customer service experience.

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Top 14 Ketogenic Foods

3. The 30-Day Collagen Reset Cleanse eBook FREE

With your Ageless Multi-Collagen order, you are immediately getting the eBook that provides the clear and easy details on every step you’ll be taking, along with all 10 of the delicious and easy recipes you’ll be enjoying for this cleanse!

Ageless Multi-Collagen - Buy 1 Ageless Multi-Collagen - Buy 3 Ageless Multi-Collagen - Buy 6
Ageless Multi-Collagen - Buy 1 Ageless Multi-Collagen - Buy 3 Ageless Multi-Collagen - Buy 6
60-Day Money Back Guarantee


With BioTRUST, you're always protected by our 60-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your purchase, just return the bags to us. You can get a fast and friendly refund even on empty bags, up to 60 days after your order today.

You Save Big on Ageless Multi-Collagen Today, BioTRUST Helps Feed a Hungry Child!

Feed a Hungry Child
  • With every order, we help support programs that feed hungry children through our partnership with®. To date, BioTRUST has helped provide over 5.6 million meals* to hungry kids.
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Q: How much should I buy today?

Each eco-friendly bag of Ageless Multi-Collagen provides you with 221 grams per bag and 10 grams of bioactive collagen protein per serving. Many customers double down for added anti-aging support and take two servings per day, and customers often share Ageless Multi-Collagen with their family and friends – this product is great for women and men, and it makes a great gift! Of course, this special sale is only available for a limited time, so it makes sense to stock up now, especially considering this is the lowest price on Ageless Multi-Collagen you'll find anywhere – lower than and our own website. With all that in mind, we highly recommend stocking up and saving more today with our 3- or 6-bag options.

Q: What specifically makes Ageless Multi-Collagen the best supplement of its kind?

Ageless Multi-Collagen is made with the finest naturally-sourced ingredients and features FIVE types of collagen from FOUR premium sources: grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, sustainable fish, egg, and chicken. Ageless Multi-Collagen is tasteless, odorless, and dissolves easily, and it delivers your body the building blocks it needs to support gut health and healthy joints, bones, skin, hair, and nails. Unlike many other collagen supplements, it is a COMPLETE protein, and it provides hydrolyzed collagen peptides for easy, rapid, and efficient digestion and absorption.

Q: What are the ingredients and amounts used in the formula?

Supplement Facts for All Flavors of Ageless Multi-CollagenSupplement Facts for Unflavored and Chocolate Flavor of Ageless Multi-CollagenSupplement Facts for Vanilla and Fruit Punch Flavors of Ageless Multi-Collagen

Q: What is the best way to use Ageless Multi-Collagen?

Simply add 1 scoop to at least 8 ounces of any hot or cool liquid and mix thoroughly. You can add Ageless Multi-Collagen to protein shakes, smoothies, coffee, tea, soups, and recipes.

Q: How long will a bag of Ageless Multi-Collagen last?

Each bag contains 20 to 40 servings depending on how you use it. Each full serving provides 10 grams of collagen protein; however, some of our customers add half a serving (5 grams of collagen) to coffee and protein drinks for an extra boost.

Q: Does this product contain caffeine or any other stimulants?

No. This product is caffeine- and stimulant-free.

Q: Are there any allergy concerns with this product?

This product contains ingredients from eggs and fish, and it is manufactured in a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy. Always review the label for the most accurate information.

Q: If I have a medical condition, can I take this product?

Ageless Multi-Collagen is intended for use by healthy adults over 18 years old. Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician before use if you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications or are being treated for any medical condition. Discontinue use and consult your physician if you experience any adverse reaction to this product.

Q: What if this product doesn't work for me?

While Ageless Multi-Collagen was created to work, if for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your purchase, just let us know, and we will issue a prompt and courteous refund even on empty bags. You're always protected by our naturally honest 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Ageless Multi-Collagen - Buy 1 Ageless Multi-Collagen - Buy 3 Ageless Multi-Collagen - Buy 6
Ageless Multi-Collagen - Buy 1 Ageless Multi-Collagen - Buy 3 Ageless Multi-Collagen - Buy 6