There are five key nutrients you need to be aware of – and will likely want to make certain you’re consuming properly – if you sometimes suffer from any or all of the following:

  • You feel low on energy and like you are “dragging”
  • You feel like your brain is “foggy”
  • You feel you are hungry more than you should be
  • You feel you are easily irritated or more “moody” than you want to be

To understand WHY these 5 nutrients can make all the difference for you, though – especially if you’ve tried other approaches for the energy, brain fog, and other issues and it feels like “nothing really helps” – it’s first essential to know…


Recent surveys of the adult population in the United States show that 52.9 MILLION individuals over 45 years of age may struggle with blood sugar issues – that is, they have poor “glycemic command.”

In other words, over 60% of American adults 45 and up are metabolically unfit… and many don’t even know it!

This means that, on a daily basis, they struggle with the ability to properly metabolize carbohydrates, which is how the body breaks down carbs to produce the right amount of sugar it needs (meaning not too much and not too little of this sugar!)

This poor glycemic command can have very noticeable and detrimental effects on how you look, feel, think and act – including in terms of your energy, brain clarity, appetite issues, and irritability.

And the problem only seems to get worse over time, as the prevalence is greater with increasing age, with 80% of adults over the age of 65 being in a similar boat.

It is vital that you have healthy blood sugar levels, in other words, and so a little more explanation on why is important:

Your blood sugar levels are basically the amount of the sugar called “glucose” in your blood.

This glucose is your body’s primary source of energy. This includes being the key source of “fuel” for your brain and your central nervous system!

Glucose is absorbed by cells throughout your body and combined with oxygen inside your mitochondria – the “power plant” inside your cells – to create “ATP.”

And ATP is what powers your cells and promotes your body’s cell growth.

Now, when you consume carbs, glucose enters your blood and the hormone called “insuln” is released to help your cells absorb the glucose they need.

However, heres the PROBLEM...

When too many carbs and sugars are consumed – which is, unfortunately, quite commonplace with today’s Standard American Diet (SAD) – your body can become less sensitive to the hormone insulin, particularly when a diet high in processed foods is combined with a relatively sedentary lifestyle that is compounded by excess levels of stress and less-than-stellar sleep habits.

This means not enough of the blood sugar, glucose, is absorbed and it instead remains in your blood stream.

In other words, your blood sugar is too high.

This can lead to a wide variety of issues – again, among the most common are feeling low on energy… brain fog… feeling “out of control” hunger… and feeling irritable or too “moody.”

That’s why it’s so important to take smart steps for healthy blood sugar levels, such as reducing processed foods and sweetened foods, getting plenty of exercise and proper sleep, and consuming high-quality and effective forms of the right nutrients.


Taking steps to help maintain your healthy blood sugar levels – i.e., “glycemic command” – can promote not only healthy energy levels, brain clarity, optimal mood, and appetite management…

It may be the most important biomarker of health overall!

You see, healthy carbohydrate management is key to healthy aging and longevity.

And, again, healthy carb management means the body is properly breaking down the carbs to produce the right amount of glucose sugar it needs – not too much more and not too much less.

Now, unhealthy carb management is a primary driver of early aging and a range of serious issues.

That’s because, for example, if too much glucose is hanging around in the blood, it binds with proteins via a process called “glycation.” And this leads to the formation of something called “advanced glycation end products” – or AGEs, for short.

As the acronym implies, yes, AGEs can age you faster!

Therefore, you don’t want your blood sugar to be too high (this is called “hyperglycemia”) nor do you want it to be too low (this is called “hypoglycemia”).

Along these lines, one of the most telling pieces of the blood sugar management equation is how your blood sugar levels vary after a meal. After eating, you don’t want blood sugar levels to “spike” too high, and you also don’t want them to vary too wildly (i.e., spike then plummet).

And this is where specific nutrients can really help!


Research shows that consuming the five nutrients below can be quite helpful in supporting balanced blood sugar levels – and all the benefits that come with it, including in terms of energy, brain clarity, healthy appetite management, and more.

An important caveat, however…

You MUST pay very close attention to ensure you’re consuming clean and premium-quality versions of each of these ingredients.

(Because if you consume low-grade versions of the ingredients, of course, you risk not experiencing many or any of the benefits!)

With that noted, here are the “big five” healthy blood sugar support ingredients to make certain you’re getting daily:


Chromium may be the “superstar” among the five star ingredients and is an essential mineral that enhances the action of insulin in the body. More specifically, it influences the efficient transport of the blood sugar, glucose, into the body’s cells.

There are different kinds of chromium, and research shows that the type that may be most “bioavailable” – best absorbed by the body and best tolerated – is “chromium picolinate.”

Furthermore, the premier form of chromium picolinate you’ll want to take that is shown to have even better absorption is the patented form called “Chromax®.”

Chromax® is a clinically substantiated ingredient that may even assist with weight loss while helping maintain lean muscle mass (i.e., lose the fat, not the muscle).

And yes, Chromax® has been shown to promote metabolic wellness by supporting healthy glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

In a bioavailability study, researchers found that, among commercially available chromium supplements, Chromax® chromium picolinate did, indeed, demonstrate the highest bioavailability.

In fact, Chromax® chromium picolinate showed 15X higher absorption than other forms of chromium, including 2X better bioavailability than two other popular chromium nicotinate complexes.

In brief, Chromax® has been shown through clinical research to promote metabolic health in a number of ways including helping insulin function better and improving blood sugar metabolism… and even helping reduce carbohydrate cravings!

For example, one randomized clinical trial found that fasting blood glucose concentrations were significantly lower in the group receiving Chromax® daily after 2 and 4 months. Similar results were observed for blood glucose 2 hours after consuming 75 grams of carbohydrates.

In another randomized controlled trial, researchers found that supplementation with Chromax® for 3 months led to a significant decrease in fasting blood sugar – on average, a 47.5% reduction.

Additionally, Chromax® led to, on average, a 27% reduction in HbA1c, which is considered the gold standard biomarker for carbohydrate metabolism, as it represents a 3-month average of blood sugar levels.

Meanwhile, another randomized clinical trial found that supplementation with Chromax® for 42 days led to an average reduction in fasting blood glucose of 32 mg/dl, or approximately 18%, while HbA1c decreased significantly by an average of 1.2 mg/dl (or 10%) with Chromax® supplementation.

Yet another randomized clinical trial provides even more evidence of the beneficial effects that Chromax® can have on metabolic health. In this study, researchers founds that Chromax® supplementation led to a substantial (23%) reduction in post-meal blood sugar levels after consuming a meal with white bread.

What’s more, additional clinical trials have shown that Chromax® supplementation, ranging from 6 weeks to 8 months, can significantly improve insulin sensitivity, fasting insulin, insulin efficiency and insulin function.

And, again, if all that wasn’t enough, Chromax® has been shown to also help with weight management and body composition. Specifically, clinical trials have shown that, when used as part of a healthy diet and exercise program, Chromax® supplementation may help:

  • Support weight loss through its ability to positively impact body composition
  • Reduce body fat and support sustained weight loss by improving lean body mass
  • Enable you to lose fat, not muscle
  • Maintain – and even improve – muscle mass during weight loss while maximizing fat loss
  • Significantly improve body composition


Berberine is a powerful plant-derived compound that has been used in Asia for hundreds of years to support healthy blood sugar levels. And, indeed, Berberine is an effective glucose disposal agent that has become increasingly popular here in the West as people seek natural compounds that may help support metabolic wellness.

Research has shown that supplementation with berberine supports healthy glucose metabolism, and it may do so by activating an enzyme called AMPK, which supports the transport of glucose into cells to be used for energy.

For example, one randomized controlled trial provides poignant evidence of berberine’s potential to help with carbohydrate metabolism. In the study, researchers found that participants who supplemented with berberine daily for 3 months experienced significant decreases in fasting and post-meal blood glucose as well as HbA1c as well as other biomarkers of metabolic wellness.


Cinnamon has been used as a healing spice for thousands of years, including in Ancient Egypt where it was regarded as a gift fit for kings. Turns out they were right, because multiple studies show cinnamon can be beneficial for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels!

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis, for example, found that as little as 120mg per day of cinnamon may be useful for promoting healthy blood sugar metabolism. Unlike the other glucose disposal agents mentioned above, cinnamon may affect the activity of certain carbohydrate-digesting enzymes, in turn assisting with healthy insulin function and blood glucose metabolism.


Benfotiamine is a fat-soluble version of vitamin B1 that supports healthy glucose metabolism. It may even help maintain healthy advanced glycation end (AGE) product activity! AGEs are potentially harmful compounds formed when proteins or fats combine with sugar in the blood and have been associated with early aging and various health issues, so healthy activity on this front is important!


Naringin is a citrus bioflavonoid (i.e., polyphenol) with well-established antioxidant properties. And yes, research shows this bioflavoid may also assist with healthy glucose metabolism and insulin function.


As you can likely tell, it can be quite challenging to get these five nutrients from your diet alone.

That’s why choosing a clean, top-quality supplement that provides them really is so “mission-critical” today!

HOWEVER, as they say, “the devil is in the details,” so before you choose ANY blood sugar support supplement it is vitally important to BE CAUTIOUS of those that…

  • Please never merely believe claims made on the front of supplement labels. Here at BioTRUST, an educated customer is our best customer, and as you can tell we like to provide some insight as to WHY the ingredients we use are chosen and HOW they work. On that front, please turn any blood sugar support supplement around and look at the ingredient label. If you don’t see the blood sugar support ingredients covered above – especially the Chromax® and the berberine – please think twice about using that product!
  • Even if a supplement lists the five ingredients above, there are different forms of these ingredients and you need to make sure they include high-quality and effective forms!

    For example, when it comes to the “superstar” ingredient – chromium – as you learned above, you want to be certain it specifically contains the patented, clinically demonstrated and higher absorbing Chromax® form. Furthermore, when it comes to botanical ingredients such as berberine, you want to make sure it’s the appropriate species of the plant (because there are various species) and that it has been standardized for key bioactive constituents.


  • A common practice with some supplement providers is to “fairy dust” – providing the right ingredients, but in insignificant amounts that won’t really help you! Why would they do this? In some cases, unfortunately, it may be to trick you – you may know the ingredient is effective for blood sugar support, but they’re hoping you don’t know how much you should take daily. Here at BioTRUST, we take great pride in providing not only clean, high-quality ingredients but providing key ingredients in effective amounts so they deliver on their promise!


Introducing BioTRUST’s IC-5… a premier-quality formula for supporting healthy blood sugar metabolism!

Considering how common diets high in excess sugars and in carbs are today (especially unhealthy carbs from processed foods)…

Considering how “iffy” many blood sugar support supplements out there can be when it comes to quality, cleanliness, and effectiveness…

And considering how important maintaining healthy blood sugar levels are, including for your energy, brain clarity, and appetite management…

IC-5 is truly an ESSENTIAL supplement to support metabolic fitness!

That’s why it is one of our most “raved about” products and has already sold nearly ONE-MILLION bottles!

YES, IC-5 provides you all 5 blood sugar support ingredients – in premium forms not to mention effective amounts of key ingredients!

Each dose includes (and we should point out that we recommend taking IC-5 twice daily):

200 mg of Chromax®, the patented and premium form of chromium picolinate that is shown to have superior absorption so you get the full benefit!

→ 500 mg of Berberine

→ 100 mg of Cinnamon Bark Extract

→ 80 mg of Benfotiamine (vitamin B1)

→ 50 mg of Naringen

Again, these are all the premium forms of these outstanding blood sugar support ingredients with key ingredients provided in effective amounts – so you can trust you’ll enjoy the benefits!

Furthermore, BioTRUST’s IC-5 is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and YES, it undergoes independent 3rd-party testing to ensure purity, potency, and safety.

Best of all, IC-5 is so simple to use! Just take 2 easy-to-swallow capsules twice daily and feel good that you are taking a big step to support healthy blood sugar metabolism!


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Best of All, It's From BioTRUST

BioTRUST is America's premier online nutrition brand, known for having shipped over 15 million premium, honest nutrition products to their loyal customers around the world. BioTRUST was started in 2011, and from the very start the mission was to create a nutrition company that was authentic, honest, and always put quality and service first. Toward that end, BioTRUST...

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MEd., CSCS, Pn2

Tim is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Nutrition Coach and a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He completed his undergraduate degree in Movement & Sports Science at Purdue University, and he earned his Master’s degree in Sports Science & Nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin, where he also worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach under the tutelage of world-renowned basketball strength coach Todd Wright for 10 years. With 20+ years of health and wellness experience, Tim is a published author of over a dozen evidence-based eBooks delving into the nitty gritty of nutrition for overall health, body composition, cognitive function, joint health, hormonal health, sexual performance, healthy aging, and more.

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  • You feel low on energy and like you are “dragging”
  • You feel like your brain is “foggy”
  • You feel you are hungry more than you should be
  • You feel you are easily irritated or more “moody” than you want to be

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Q: What are the Supplement Facts and Ingredients used in the formula?

Q: What is the best way to use IC-5?

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