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Here’s a fact…

Many other problems you hear about that can lead to health issues pale in comparison to one of today’s biggest issues of all…

Not drinking enough water.

You see, while the average person should drink about a gallon of water daily…

A whopping 75% of Americans aren’t drinking an optimal amount of water daily!1

In fact, the average American drinks just 4 cups of water daily, a measly ¼ of what they SHOULD be drinking (which is 16 cups or 1 gallon).2,3 And while drinking, tea, coffee, juice or soft drinks technically can “count”, those drinks are not as hydrating as water!

Why is this the #1 silent-but-urgent health issue of our times?

Because drinking enough water is truly the essential of ALL essentials to look and feel your best, and live long and live well.

In fact, as you may know, we are mostly water — about 60 to 70% of the human body is water.

And properly replenishing your body’s water supply each day is simply PRIORITY #1 to help you look and feel your best and stay healthy. After all, even minor 1-2% losses in body water can lead to:4-7

  • Difficulty concentrating, focusing and remembering things
  • Feeling low on energy and drained (pun intended!)
  • Slow or sluggish metabolism
  • Hunger and cravings
  • The appearance of tired, old-looking skin
  • Dry mouth
  • Occasional joint and/or muscle stiffness
  • Difficulty recovering from your workouts

Truly, you can take every other step possible against these issues above…

However, if you are not taking THE key step — drinking enough water each day — you could very well be setting yourself up for serious failure.

Yes, it is that important. In fact…

Get These ASTONISHING Facts About Not Drinking Enough Water Daily and Your Health…

When your body lacks enough water — the most essential nutrient of all — to function properly, it can quickly and negatively impact everything: Your energy, metabolism, appetite, resilience, circulation, concentration, hormones, mental performance… EVERYTHING.

And make no mistake, even being off a little in your daily water intake is a big problem. In fact, research shows fluid losses of just 1 to 2% of bodyweight can lead to…

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Tension
  • Irritability and moodiness
  • Feeling anxious
  • Dry mouth
  • Difficulty concentrating and remembering things
  • Occasional constipation
  • Trouble making decisions
  • Reduced vigilance and alertness
  • Reduced feelings of well-being
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Tension
  • Irritability and moodiness
  • Anxiousness
  • Dry mouth
  • Impairments in memory
  • Reduced vigilance and alertness
  • Reduced feelings of well-being
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Constipation
  • Poor blood pressure regulation
  • Poor blood sugar regulation
  • Impairments in regulating body temperature
  • Impairments in making decisions and judgements

Again, all that above is with just a seemingly minor amount of dehydration, just 1 to 2% of body water loss. For example, 1% dehydration comes out to a little less than just one liter, or about 4 cups, of water for the average American!

As for what causes you to lose water, well… everything you do does! Water truly is your fuel, which is why you MUST keep replenishing it.

(And by the way, did you know that you lose about 1 LITER of water each night while you sleep?!8 All night long you’re exhaling water vapor, and each and every one of us wakes up each morning behind the figurative 8-ball, needing to top off our tanks.)

And here’s an even more important KICKER…

You don’t even typically perceive “thirst” until 2 to 3% of your body’s proper water levels are lost. In other words, by the time you recognize you are thirsty, your physical and mental performance have already started going kaput.9

In the clearest possible terms — you cannot depend on waiting to get thirsty to drink water. By then, you’ve already waited too long!

IMPORTANT: Not Drinking Enough Water Daily Can Actually SLOW Down Your Metabolism

Have you been frustrated for years (or decades) with how your body looks in the mirror? Well, throw EVERY diet you’ve ever encountered out the window and NOTE THIS…

Drinking the proper amount of water each day can be an EASY way to help ensure your metabolism is running properly.

First of all, drinking water boosts your energy expenditure. Data shows that, over the course of a year, drinking just 4 extra cups of water daily burns about 17,400 calories a year — the equivalent of 4 ½ pounds of FAT.10

Second, you’ll be pleased to know that one study showed that when participants simply draink water about 30 minutes before their three main meals (technically known as “preloading” water) they lost 5 TIMES MORE WEIGHT than folks who did not “pre-load” with water.11

Third, it is possible to mistake thirst for hunger – and research suggests that many people do. For example, one recent study showed that people respond inappropriately to thirst by EATING a whopping 62% of the time instead of drinking!12

The takeaway with that one? When you feel “hungry,” try drinking water first instead of eating. You may well be surprised that you feel satisfied — and of course, you’ll avoid all those food calories. (By the way, if you feel like water is dull and boring like so many do, DON’T WORRY — you’re going to discover the delicious solution for this in just a moment!)

Finally, know that data shows that people who ARE “normal weight” tend to drink more water daily versus those who are overweight and obese. Research shows these “water drinkers” naturally consume, on average, about 200 fewer calories daily without effort. That’s 6,000 calories a month!12

Bottom line? Drinking the proper amount of water daily can help...

  • Increase energy
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Improve the appearance of skin
  • Keep muscles and joints lubricated
  • Improve overall health
  • Prevent overeating
  • Optimize circulation
  • And more!

Ok, How Much Water is the Right Amount?

Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily, right?


The rule that the body needs eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day is not based in science. In fact, that may be way under the proper recommendation. No one seems to know where that “rule of 8” came from… other than it’s easy to remember.

Now, although hydration needs vary from person to person based on activity level, ambient temperature and humidity, altitude level, and numerous other factors... a more person-specific and widely accepted recommendation would be to drink one-half to one ounce of fluid per pound of body weight per day.13

According to CDC data, the average American adult male weighs 197.8 pounds while the typical American adult female weighs 170.6 pounds. Along those lines, the average man would need to consume about 98.9 - 197.8 ounces of fluid, while the average woman would need to consume about 85.3 - 170.6 ounces of fluid.

These guidelines also closely align with the recommendations set forth by the relatively conservative Institute of Medicine, which advises men to consume about 3.7 liters (about 15 ½ cups or about 125 ounces) of water per day and women to consume about 2.7 liters (about 11 ½ cups or about 91 ounces) of water per day.15

That means, in other words, a range of twelve to twenty-four, eight-ounce glasses of water daily, not merely eight.

Or, most simply put, the average person should consume about 1 gallon of fluid per day.

(And if you’re keeping tabs on all the math, 1 gallon is equivalent to 16 cups, or 128 ounces.)

But Drinking Water is Boring!

Why don’t people drink more water?

Research has been done on this, and the most common reason people give for not drinking water is that they don’t feel thirsty.

However, you already know that reactive approach is a problem because, by the time you’re thirsty, you’ve already lost quite a bit of water. And often, people respond to thirst by eating — not drinking — which as you also know is not good for your health or your waistline.

The second most common reason people give for not drinking water?

Because they prefer to drink something else.

And what “something else” means is something that doesn’t taste boring like water… in other words, something that tastes good!

HOWEVER, the very big problem is that “something else” can so often do more harm than good…

Some “Alternatives” to Boring Water Might Make a Bad Problem WORSE

Let’s briefly sum up what people are drinking these days in place of water:

Popular water enhancers… sports and energy drinks… flavored waters… sodas… sweet teas… fruit juices… coffee… and alcoholic waters, beer, wine, and other alcohol.

First of all, you already know the alcoholic drinks are not the solution, as alcohol is dehydrating, and excessive alcohol poses a wide range of very serious risks—not to mention the extra calories.

Meanwhile, caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee, sodas, and energy drinks can have a diuretic effect that can cause you to LOSE water.

Beyond that, when it comes to energy drinks, flavored waters, sports drinks, fruit juices, sodas, and other water alternatives, some common problems you may seriously want to consider avoiding include:

It SEEMS Like a Terrible “Catch-22”

People choose drinks such as flavored waters, energy drinks, and fruit juices in large part because WATER IS BORING, and these alternatives taste much better, at least in relation to water!

And while it’s easy to say, “Push yourself to drink more water!” the fact is…

If people don’t enjoy what they’re consuming, using “willpower” to drink more water may work for a week or two… but then they’re going to be right back to drinking those things they do enjoy!

YES, this all seems like a “Catch-22” for what may well be THE #1 silent health problem of our time, with 75% of people not drinking enough water daily.

And frankly, it has been the big issue… up to now.

There’s FINALLY A Safe, Simple, Delicious and Real-World Solution

You’ve heard that the simple things are the best, right?

And you’ve likely also heard that the best things come in small packages, true?

So, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s finally a simple way to help you drink enough water every day — without willpower — to help you address the big hydration problem and all the energy, productivity, aging, and other health issues that come with it.

It makes your water absolutely delicious, like enjoying a refreshing strawberry watermelon or mandarin orange cooler…

Yet it contains NO artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and it's made with only premium, clean ingredients – no harmful stuff!

It’s called Mojo H2O.

It’s made by BioTRUST, the premium online nutrition company renowned for clean, top-quality supplements.

And “Mojo H2O” is definitely an appropriate name because “mojo” means “magic charm” and this concentrated, liquid water enhancer certainly adds some serious “magic” to boring water!

In short Mojo H2O is truly revolutionary in its simplicity and elegance and can help you drink more water… which can help transform your health and how you look and feel!

The Incredible Benefits of Proper Hydration, Effortlessly (Plus, Two Important Extras with Mojo H2O!)

Just think about this a moment…

You now know that 75% of people don’t drink enough water daily, and even just a 1 to 2% drop in fluid loss can cause headaches… fatigue… stress… irritability… problems focusing… memory issues… constipation and worse.

Now, however – without having to “push yourself” – and without having to worry about the potentially harmful ingredients added sugar and unnecessary calories in some other beverages…

Mojo H2O’s ease of use and truly delicious strawberry watermelon or mandarin orange flavors can help you drink far more water effortlessly.

You see, Mojo H2O comes in a convenient size that fits in your purse or pocket, making it easy to take anywhere.

And because all it takes is a simple squeeze of Mojo H2O concentrate in your water to make it as delicious as your favorite beverages… chances are you’ll actually be craving FAR more water!

And when you properly hydrate, it can help make a VERY serious difference in terms of daily energy, mood, focus, productivity, and more

Meanwhile, consistently drinking an appropriate amount of water provides powerful nutritional support that promotes unsurpassed longer-term benefits, since proper hydration is so key to everything from healthy immune system function and proper sleep to avoiding early aging and looking your amazing best in the mirror!

Plus, Mojo H2O comes with two BONUS BENEFITS.

First, it’s also an excellent source of several B vitamins, which help you feel energetic and support a healthy, properly functioning metabolism. They also help with mental focus and clarity.

Next, Mojo H2O also provides your body electrolytes.

These are certain important minerals that help optimize hydration by helping your body “hold on” to water easier (and without the bloat).

Electrolytes also help regulate nerve and muscle function, balance blood acidity, and even help support healthy tissue throughout the body.

NOTE that if you routinely exercise,4 if you’re on a low-carb diet, or if you routinely drink caffeinated beverages, these can all escalate the amount of electrolytes depleted from the body — so you need electrolytes even more!21

BioTRUST, the makers of Mojo H2O, is known for going “above and beyond,” and that’s certainly the case with these two bonus benefits of your Mojo H2O!

Best of All, It's From BioTRUST

BioTRUST is America's premium online nutrition brand, known for having shipped over 15 million premium, honest nutrition products to their loyal customers around the world. BioTRUST was started in 2011 by Joel Marion and Josh Bezoni, two best friends whose mission was to create a nutrition company that was authentic, honest, and always put quality and service first. Toward that end, BioTRUST...

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Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn2

MEd., CSCS, Pn2

Tim is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Nutrition Coach and a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He completed his undergraduate degree in Movement & Sports Science at Purdue University, and he earned his Master’s degree in Sports Science & Nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin, where he also worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach under the tutelage of world-renowned basketball strength coach Todd Wright for 10 years. With 20+ years of health and wellness experience, Tim is a published author of over a dozen evidence-based eBooks delving into the nitty gritty of nutrition for overall health, body composition, cognitive function, joint health, hormonal health, sexual performance, healthy aging, and more.

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To understand why Mojo H2O is truly revolutionary in its simplicity and elegance, let’s very briefly jump back to the two biggest problems…

One, many people today don’t drink enough water. This may be the true #1 silent health issue of our times because water is the very essence of health and life, and even a very small degree of poor hydration can lead to problems with energy, focus, metabolism… and more!

Two, people know they should drink more water, but most don’t because, unless they’re seriously thirsty, they don’t crave water. It’s boring. Instead, today so many people crave all these energy drinks, flavored waters, water enhancers, fruit juices, and more that are sweetened (either with artificial ingredients or added sugar).

Now, imagine this…

With Mojo H2O, you will truly love drinking more water. You’ll look forward to it, yearn for it even, because it comes in two flavors — strawberry watermelon and mandarin orange — and both taste as great as any of your other favorite drinks – with ZERO CALORIES and without artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

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It can help you, in fact, drink much more water — no willpower required.

Furthermore — no willpower required, either — when you are drinking more water, that means you are simultaneously AVOIDING other drinks with added sugar and artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, and other potentially harmful ingredients!

Plus, because Mojo H2O is also an excellent source of several different B vitamins, you’ll get some extra help for mental focus and clarity, and a healthy metabolism.

And it even provides you important electrolytes, which further help your body hydrate and are especially important if you’re active, are on a low-carb diet, or drink caffeinated beverages, all of which can strip the body of essential electrolytes.

And you can now clearly see where this is going…

Mojo H2O was designed to to help put some pep in your step and to help you look and feel your best

Because it helps you drink far more water.

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Q: What specifically makes Mojo H2O the right choice?

Turn plain, boring water into AWESOME with Mojo H2O—helping put pep in your step, clear the fog and give you that swagger back. Mojo H2O makes drinking water a breeze, transforming plain water into an instant flavor-filled drink with a satisfying taste you'll love. Made with no sugar, artificial sweeteners or other junk, this naturally flavored and sweetened water enhancer also delivers a boost of hydrating electrolytes and energizing B vitamins with each squeeze. It's packed in a travel-sized bottle you can take on the go, helping you stay hydrated and energized no matter where life takes you. Each bottle has enough mojo to put the swagger into 24 eight-ounce glasses of water—that’s a gallon-and-a-half! Whenever you're craving something sweet or fruity, give your bottled water a quick and easy splash of refreshing flavor—anytime, anywhere. Mojo H2O is non-GMO and FREE from soy, dairy, gluten and artificial sweeteners, and like all BioTRUST products, Mojo H2O undergoes 3rd lab testing to ensure purity, potency and safety.

Q: What are the ingredients and amounts used in the formula?

Mojo H2O Nutrition Facts

Q: What is the best way to use Mojo H2O?

Simply add one (1) squeeze (2.5mL / ½ tsp) to eight (8) ounces of water.

Q: How many servings are in a container of Mojo H2O?

Each travel-sized bottle can add a quick and easy splash of refreshing flavor to 24 eight-ounce glasses of water—that’s a gallon-and-a-half!

Q: Does this product contain caffeine or any other stimulants?

No. This product is caffeine- and stimulant-free.

Q: Are there any allergy concerns with this product?

This product is manufactured in a facility that also processes eggs, fish, milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts and wheat. Like every BioTRUST product, Mojo H2O is made with natural ingredients. Mojo H2O undergoes 3rd party testing to ensure purity, potency and safety. If you have any concerns, consult your health-care practitioner.

Q: What if this product doesn’t work for me?

While Mojo H2O was created to work, if for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your purchase, just send it back to us, and we will issue a prompt and courteous refund for the full purchase price even on empty bottles. You’re always protected by our naturally-honest 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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